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Useful Tips To Improve Vocal Quality

Vocal quality can be defined as the texture, tone and personality of a voice. If you’re an aspiring vocalist, then your vocal quality would be your signature in coming days. The quality of your vocal performance would play the most important role in deciding whether or not people will spend money to see you live and listen to your songs. There are a number of strategies to improve your vocal sound, both recorded and live. Like famous vocalist Kerri Leigh, you can surely add a professional quality to your vocal with tips, tools and sound effects at your disposal.

Here are some useful tips which you can follow to improve the quality of your voice.

  • Voice or vocal care – You should take necessary steps to care for your voice so that it would help you produce a better sound over time. You must avoid extreme dry and smoky environment. You may use humidifier for adding moisture to your room and protect your throat from getting very dry. If you have an imminent vocal performance, don’t talk much. Also don’t raise your voice so loud. You should take care of your diet too! Carbonated drinks, dairy products and alcohol are not good for you voice. Drink plenty of water to keep your throat nourished. You can also drink tea, occasionally, as it helps to improve vocal quality.
  • Environment – It can leave severe impact on your voice. The environment in which you sing or record can regulate your voice quality. A place with natural sounding acoustics is the best for recording a vocal. Installing thick carpet on the floor of the room and adding fabric wall hanging can significantly reduce sound reflection and thus stop unwanted reverb. It would also help to keep your vocal sound natural.
  • Audio effects – Adding audio effects can remarkably bring out particular qualities of your vocal tone. It can also improve your voice quality significantly by removing flaws from your voice. Vocal artists like Kerri Leigh emphasize on the audio effects while recording a song or performing live. You should also focus on sound effects. You can use compression to balance out dynamics of your vocal and so that any change in volume sounds natural and smooth to ears. You may use equalization as it can draw out the best sounding frequency of your voice and thus result in a very pleasant voice tone. If you want to add a reverb effect, you can surely do it, because it can add ambiance to your voice and let it sound more professional, provided it is used moderately. Adding a chorus effect can also be a good decision as it would make your vocal sound thicker. You can do it by yourself by just double tracking or layering once track over another.

Discussed above are some of the most useful tips which could help you improve your voice quality significantly. If you can follow the tips properly, you can surely improve your vocal and become a successful vocal artist. Today’s popular vocal artists like Kerri Leigh follow such tips to maintain good vocal quality.

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