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What ‘Christmas in July’ Means Today

The concept of Christmas in July originated with an 1892 opera, Werther, in which a group of kids practice singing Christmas songs in July . When asked why they were singing Christmas songs in summer, one character says, “When you sing Christmas in July, you rush the season.” Southern hemisphere countries such as New Zealand and Australia sometimes celebrate Christmas in July because their winters are in July. Christmas just doesn’t feel the same when it’s not wintery, they say. But there are other places that celebrate Christmas in July even when it’s steaming hot out.

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The earliest known celebration of Christmas in July took place in 1933 at Camp Keystone, a girls’ camp in summer camp where the girls celebrated Christmas with a tree, gifts, and even a visit from Santa. The event was used as the basis for the 1940 movie, Christmas in July. Today, the theme of Christmas in July is used for social events and charities that want to emphasize the spirit of Christmas giving all year round. Here is some of the most successful Christmas in July events in the United States.

Annual Christmas in July Festival, North Carolina

In West Jefferson, North Carolina, they hold a Christmas in July Festival every year. It lasts for a full day and offers free admission. They feature traditional mountain music and handmade crafts from the mountains of North Carolina along with food, crafts and special events for children’s events. They draw around 20,000 visitors from around the nation for this unique event.

Hillbilly Christmas in July

Held in Kentucky as a charity event for Shriner Hospital, Hillbilly Christmas is a fun event for bikers who want to help children in need and for their families who want to take part in activities including carnival games and prizes. The ride starts at the hospital in Lexington, KY and includes a drawing for 2013 Harley-Davidson Glide. The event emphasizes the charitable spirit of Christmas and seeks to apply that spirit to helping Lexington’s “young ‘uns.”

Help Our Military Endure Christmas in July Packing Party

The nonprofit organization, Help Our Military Endure, hosts an annual Christmas in July packing party that invites members of the community to donate appropriate shipping packaging supplies and then asks them to pack them up for soldiers overseas. Last year’s party put together 259 care packages. They set up at the HOPE church and set to work. Even Santa Claus showed up. Even if you couldn’t show up for the event, the site allows people to donate $13.45.

Rock Out For Kids

Designed as a charity to benefit the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, Rock Out For Kids holds a Christmas in July event at Mickey Doyle’s Sports Pub. Rain or shine, these folks host the even outdoors and sell tickets for a concert put on by local musicians .

The concept of Christmas in July has a rich history from American culture to overseas use of winter weather. Today, Christmas in July reminds people to bring out the spirit of Christmas while benefitting those around them. To find out more about where the concept of Christmas in July originated visit this website:

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