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Why Recruitment Is A Great Choice After University

After spending years in the education system it can be quite a shock to find onesself with a degree in hand and a whole world of different careers to choose from in the other.Some people have a very specific job aim in mind all the way through their studies and this usually means that a certain skillset is honed and the relevant qualifications are gained. However, a great number of others have no exact occupation in mind when entering or leaving university. Others who start out in higher education with a certain aim can quite often find other ventures take precedence along the way.

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Today’s job market

Although the headlines are filled with stories of the continuing fallout from the recession and the many famous companies closing their doors,, the job market in the UK is in fact in quite good health. Understandably job availability can vary greatly from region to region and competition for opportunities can be tough. Having a degree certainly helps when marketing someone out as a potential candidate in whatever field they are looking for work.


It is no secret that looking for work can be a full time job in itself but it can actually be a rewarding career for the right type of person. Becoming a recruitment consultant often means starting out on a career path that often turns into a lifelong calling.It takes a certain skill set to be able to help people find the right job for their own personalities and requirements whilst also putting the employers’ needs for great candidates at the top of the list.

Taking the first steps into HR

Anyone looking to start a career as a trainee recruitment consultant is entering a world where regular targets need to be met and many detailed requirements such as adhering to legislation and guidelines need to be undertaken.Human Resources may be a phrase that sounds a little impersonal, but the daily work involved is anything but that.

Are you a people person?

Most people enjoy the social aspects of university life and in order to be a great recruitment consultant you need to be able to listen to what other people say. Whether it is a job seeker explaining their own personal strengths and weaknesses or an employer describing their ideal candidate, making accurate assessments is an essential part of the job.

Making the right matches

There is much more to the process than simply matching someone looking for a job with a company who has an opening. Learning how to let the right people know about a vacancy is one of the most important steps.Knowing how to pitch a vacancy to the best demographic means working out which media is best suited and whether that might mean going down a social media route or looking for connections through industry specific publications.

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