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Wholesale Gift Companies Impact Overall National Economic Growth

When wholesale gift companies and other merchant wholesalers experience rising profits, it’s generally a winning sign for the United States economy. From January 2012 to January 2013, wholesalers’ revenues rose three percent, reaching $415.4 billion. It’s one of the sales and revenue components the United States Census Bureau regularly tracks and reviews. Products sold by merchant wholesalers and wholesale gift companies include clothing, furniture, automobiles, hardware and medical products.

Products Wholesale Gift Companies Sell

Many of these companies have several retail stores as their customers. It’s a reason wholesalers strive to keep their prices low. A key way they achieve this is to sell products in volume or bulk, in large enough quantities to yield a profit. Furthermore, retail clients wholesale gift companies supply discount products to include airport gift shops, grocery stores, hospital gift stores and private gift shops.

Products sold to these clients cover the gamut, including candy, pants, blouses, tee shirts, hair accessories, drinking glasses, mugs and toys. Gift baskets, stuffed animals, books, candles, balloons, personal hygiene products and figurines are other types of products wholesale gift companies sell to retailers. It might be due, in part, to the fact that the products are sold to retailers, people who are experienced at comparing product prices offered by different wholesale gift companies, that some of the wholesale items are brand name items.

To introduce their newly released products to retailers, wholesalers may distribute catalogs or newsletters to retailers on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The growth of the Internet, has also seen more wholesalers making their catalogs, newsletters and sales flyers available for retailers and individual consumers to review.

In fact, it may very well be the chance for individual consumers to buy brand name and other popular products like designer hand bags, colognes and fragrances, popcorn shirts and pleated tops, at the same prices retailers enjoy that has made the Internet a reward for online shoppers. To provide their customers with off-hours support, some wholesalers have even added telephone or email customer service options at their websites.

Because individual consumers can access information about seasonal, product discontinuance and other discount specials, they are able to reap additional savings. Depending on the wholesaler, individual consumers, as well as retail store owners, might be able to log into wholesalers’ websites 24/7. However, products ordered by the companies might be limited to certain regions or countries. Furthermore, some wholesalers only ship products within the continental United States.

As more companies make products available to individual customers at prices retailers enjoy, the numbers of consumers investing money in economic growth might rise. The trend may also find the numbers of retailers who keep their prices competitive increasing. This combination could see inventories at merchant wholesaler and wholesale gift companies strengthening, the type of shift that could give the national economy a lift.

Rhonda Campbell guest wrote this article about wholesale gifts. Campbell is involved with her business and offers advice for companies.

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