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What Everybody Should Know About Common Scams in Tourist Places

In this day and age, who doesn’t enjoy travelling to new and exciting places? Pretty much everyone would surely answer a “YES” to that question. While planning a trip to a destination may be crucial such as booking the best tickets, booking the hotel with the nicest view and close to the tourist attractions and also trying to find the best tour guide to take you around. Your trip to this new and exciting place should be picture perfect and a memorable experience of course.

As a tourist, you should be informed and alert about the possible scams that you may encounter along the way. Although you might “try” to be careful, sometimes you can never be too careful. This article is all about “What Everybody Ought to Know about Common Scams in Tourist Places.”

Money Exchange Scams

This is a common scam that tourists face during their trip to a new and unknown destination. Since not everyone counts their money before leaving or not everyone knows how much exactly they should be receiving in the foreign currency, it is a scam that may be seen all throughout various continents. Some money exchange dealers may even give out fake money since you might not be familiar with how the money really looks like. Remember: Choose AUTHORIZED centers for money exchanging. Carefully count your money upon receiving and ask questions if you aren’t sure.

Taxi Scams

Don’t be too chummy with the taxi drivers that you may encounter while going around your chosen destination. Since you aren’t familiar at all with the roads and short cuts, the taxi drivers may take you around the long way and give you false “accident” or “road block” information. In the same way possibility of scams in car rental deals too. Remember: Do some research before getting on the plane. Get the price range of taxi rides. Take a glance at the meter every now and then to see if the rate is reasonable. Best to have your hotel call a taxi service for you.

Fake Police Scam

Since you may not be too aware of the legitimate uniform that the real police officers are wearing the tourist place you chose, there are some individuals that may pose as a police officer and try to deceive you. Their goal is to get money from you for unreasonable or strange violations that you might not be attentive of. Be careful because some might even leave with your wallet. Remember: ALWAYS ask the police officer for a valid ID and never give them a bribe.

Wallet Distraction Scam

Since you are at a tourist spot, most likely there are large crowds and lines everywhere you go. Due to that reason, pickpockets are all over too. Since you may be distracted looking around and shopping, the pickpocket knows when to strike. Remember: Be careful of people that may suddenly faint right in front of you or people who need your assistance. Also make sure you watch your belongings if there are groups of child beggars. Be aware of where your bag, cell phone and wallet are. Better yet, bring a small purse that you should always place in front of you.

Helpful Local Scam

Wherever you may go at your new destination, there are always helpful locals that want to be of guidance. Not all times, but there are some times that these locals are there to scam you. Remember: As much as possible, don’t talk to strangers and especially don’t let them tag along with you and your group.

Restaurant Scams

During these tourist trips, walking and looking around is a must and it is done all throughout the day. The tendency is to eat at the first restaurant that you set your eyes on. Since you might  not be familiar with the price of the food the servers may make you pay more than usual. Remember: Beforehand, make a list of the restaurants that you want to try and eat at.

Hotel Scams

Upon exiting the airport, there may be a line-up of various hotels that want you to chose them to stay at. The nicer the signage or if the person offering is nice, you might choose it without being aware of exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Some hotels may be in the middle of nowhere and dangerous for your overall well-being. Remember: Book at hotel before your flight and search for ratings and comments of others. This is a vital to booking any trip.

Always be ahead of the game when booking a tourist trip so that you can actually enjoy what you’re looking forward to. Don’t be involved in scam after scam because it will definitely ruin your trip and you might be spending way more than you expect.

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