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Which is the best trip idea: planned or unplanned?

Many people like to plan their trip in advance with a scheduled budget, booking hotels in advance, creating an efficient plan and sticking to it while others love to have an unplanned trip where they don’t book any hotels in advance or do not maintain any budget plan everything is decided on the spot. Whether it is planned trip or unplanned trip, traveling provides many stress relief experience. Traveling offers unique experience which helps in gaining knowledge, knowing customs and traditions of foreign land and people like to share their travel experience with their friends, social network and family members.

Planned holiday


• You can evaluate cheaper rates, planning your holiday helps you to compare different accommodation fees and package deals. Whether it is hotel booking/airfare/ car hires anything you can save your money by comparing and evaluating the cheaper rates.

• Planning early means you will have much enough time to think the necessary items and pack your luggage. If you plan your holiday in advance you will have an option to recheck your luggage so that you won’t miss out any item.

• You will have more chances to find the interesting facts of your destination place and find out the sites that are worth seeing.

• It will help you to fund all your needs instead of waiting for someone’s help when you need some cash.


• Sometimes you may not reach your expectations and may not enjoy each and every moment of your holiday.

• Though it is quite beneficial in finding cheap hotels and airfare but it consumes lot your time in researching and reviewing their websites.

Unplanned holiday


• You can enjoy various travel experience

• This type of trip could be much more spontaneous and adventurous

• Brings lot of pleasures by visiting new places

• Your holiday could be exciting than a planned one


• You may sometimes come across certain unforeseen situations for example you may end up all your day in finding hotels and restaurants

• You may have to undergo hassle of reaching your destiny and add stress

• Tension will be more especially when you met with any unexpected accidents or illness

Bottom line: Money is essential for all you needs whether it could be either planned or unplanned trip make sure you carry necessary funds to meet certain financial emergencies, if you run short on money or do not find resources to receive urgent cash then consider same day cash loans to resolve your cash emergencies.

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