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Your Future Hospital Room

While some advances in medical science and technology will feel like a science fiction film, other advancements will make life more enjoyable for patients. One of the advancements that is already being used is the smart pill. The smart pill uses technology to diagnose digestive conditions, e.g. colon cancer. Pills, water and phones are not the only items that can be smart. Scientists are working on smart beds that will track and monitor a patient’s health. The bed will monitor a patient’s temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate while they sleep. To discover more benefits of smart beds, visit this website: 

If you thought that running an entire business on a Smartphone is impressive, then you should prepare yourself for the latest phone development. Future parents will be able to see their developing baby on a handheld machine that will be connected to a Universal Serial Bus (USB). If you are not into having a baby the old-fashioned way, then science is coming up with an alternative that mimics Mother Nature. Scientists are working on tanks that will be filled with amniotic fluid; the embryonic umbilical cords will be attached to pumps that control the baby’s nutrient intake and waste production. If this sounds like a scene from “The Matrix,” then it is exactly the scene.

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