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Xp Phone2 Will Run Windows 7 & Upcoming Version 8

An average customer is aware of xpPheon, since xpPhone was expected to be among the first smartphones on the market to bring the desktop Windows experience to the average user into the mobile gadget world, in a lesser angled version. Naturally enough, the primary xpPhone ran Windows XP and later this year, we have a Windows 7 appropriate device, which is also able to run Windows 8.

xpPhone2 is the most appreciable cell phone, one that features a 1.6GHz processor of the Intel Atom kind probably, 2GB of RAM, a 4.3 in. touchscreen display screen and a side moving QWERTY key pad. In addition, there’s a 112GB of HDD/flash drive on panel, as well as GPS, 3G, WiFi and a power supply that provides 18.5 hours of talk-time. All of these achievements were considered amazing enough to be involved by the cell phone’s manufacturer xpPhone2 in a desk assessment in opposition to the iPhone and some of the newest Android smartphones on the market.

Please feel welcomed into the era of post-smartphone gadgets, with this being the one to set the pattern. The dilemma here is that xpPhone2 is hefty and bulky, which is a price you have to pay for the processing power and big energy supply. Also, some customers might have difficulties knowing that the Windows 7 experience will be relaxed on a 4.3 in. screen, since it was not that good on a 10 in. tablet??!

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