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Your Staff Deserve Better

Ensuring you have the correct telephone systems for your business is vitally important. Depending upon what you want your telephones to do, there are many different systems available. The telephone system you choose can allow you to determine a number of different aspects.

If you need a system to incorporate a number of different tools and fundamental effects, for example, should you have a sales team, there is a system that will allow you to monitor the number of calls each sales person makes, their talk time and wrap time can also be monitored. The systems can log exactly how many external calls were made and how many internal calls were received. This is ideal to help put targets in place to ensure you gain the maximum productivity from your staff.

Conference Calls

Most telephone systems can allow you make conference calls to anywhere internally and externally across the globe. This is ideal for multinational businesses. By ensuring your telephone system can internally dial a colleague in a separate office and then make a conference call to an external company is vitally important, especially if the remit of the business means you are unable to visit the clients. Conference calls can save time and money in a business, the message still gets across and discussions can still take place however, the costings are significantly lower than travel time and costs.

A good telephone system can be accessible from the click of a button on your pc and a number can be dialled without lifting the handset allowing you to speak hands free to staff or customers should you wish.

Call Center

Call cent re telephone systems enable a mass of telephones to interlink with each other, having personal extension numbers. These types of telephone systems can be used in conjunction with headsets and have good quality sound transmission.

Within the workplace, there are a number of health and safety rules and regulations that need to be complied with, for example, using the telephone excessively can cause health problems. If a telephone is used for an excessive number of hours, it is paramount that a headset is provided to prevent the user from neck strain. Some people automatically rest a phone on their shoulder to free-up both hands, allowing them to multi task, possibly typing whilst also talking on the phone. Persistent use of the phone in this way can lead to neck and spinal problems.

Whatever the requirements you need for your small business or large business, there is a telephone system available.

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