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Xperia S And Xperia Ion To Be Unveiled By Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson has been long rumored to strategy the put out new devices in this week’s time at the Customer Gadgets Reveals 2012 in Las Nevada, and still, a lot more information on them has just began to appear.

This indicates that the Sony wish the release of in any case two smartphones on the market in the future, and that they will both be involved in the Xperia family. One of these gadgets will be known as Xperia S, while the other will land under the name of Xperia Ion.

Seemingly, customers have already searched these gadgets over the World Wide Web before. The Xperia S is not an iota other than the widespread rumored Nozomi (which was anticipated to appear as the successor of Xperia arc), and at the same time the Xperia Ion is thought to be the Sony Ericsson LT28at.

Whether the Xperia Ion is indeed the LT28at mobile phone is still not clear, but not to worry as the truth will be revealed when Xperia Ion appears on racks with a 4.6-inch touch display, will seem to corroborate to. What is more is that it seems it will be published on the system of WiFi service provider AT&T. Past speculation on LT28at recommended the alike.

Even though it has not been specifically illustrated, both the gadgets are vital to run under Google’s Android managing system when released. The newest associates of the Xperia kind were all Android gadgets. Xperia Ion and Xperia S gadgets are rumored to display only the Sony brand name on the front, LT26i (Nozomi) boasting the name above the display, while LT28at has it below the display.

Last autumn’s end, Sony bought Ericsson’s share in the partnership, and affirmed plans to have new smartphones on the market released under the Sony logo. Sony Ericsson will not be abolished but still become a sub-group of Sony starting the season of new year.
Thus, it is a good idea for the two new smartphones on the market to sport only the Sony company, though nothing has been verified on them basically. Gossip has it that both of them will be basically presented soon.

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